Team Xecuter Slim Post QSB ( quick solder board )

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  • Dieses vom Team Xecuter entwickelte Jtag Kit wird bei der Installation des Xecuter NAND-X
  • von den Besitzern eines Xenon Motherboards benötigt.

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Those that have fitted a CoolRunner to will be no stranger to the fact that it can take a great deal of trial and error to get the optimized boot times down to less than 5 seconds.

The main issue is the CPU_RST wire which has to be up to 50cm long and then coiled underneath the motherboard. In many cases the positioning of the coil is a factor due to signal interference. Then you have to try different lengths, 40cm,

Xecuter has developed a simple yet elegant solution for this problem.

Using the process of serpentining, Xecuter has designed a QSB PCB for the Xbox 360 slim that fits neatly into place, giving you an optimized solution enabling you to select several different lengths without having to cut any wires and eliminates any guess work and possible signal interference issues.

Simply cut the blue CPU_RST wire to 8cm and then you can select from 50cm, 47cm, 41cm, 38cn, 35cm, 32cm & 29cm.

Xecuter has also included all the POST points for the developers out there who wish to use that part of NANDPRO 3 that was implemented by Tiro

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  • Team Xecuter Slim Post QSB

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