Team Xecuter DGX v1.1S

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  • Endlich ist er da, DGX 1.1S für XBOX Slim Konsolen.
  • Mit diesem Chip ist es möglich auch den CPU key auszulesen
  • wenn das Dashboard 15xxx und höher ist.

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After the phenomenal success of our DGX product, we listened to a great deal of feedback from our loyal userbase and have implimented some changes to the design to make the DGX perform even better than before ? especially for Trinity boards.

DGX V1.1S change log:

  • Added 70cm 24WG POST_OUT Wire
  • Added a ceramic cap option (Point C29) between D and GND (same as CR3 Pro) ? included an optional 10pf ceramic cap
  • Added a selectable 5ohm and 10ohm resistor to post_out (simple solder jumpers 1 Closed: 10ohm, 2 Closed: 5ohm, 3 Closed: 0ohm Default)
  • Added a a grounded IPEX socket (Point J1) for CPU_RST (10cm IPEX cable included)
  • Larger solder pads and stronger vias (C D E F 5v GND)
  • Removed JTAG pin header (Programming is not required ? some users tried to program their DGX and damaged it)
  • Optimized code for enhanced Trinity performance. DGX 1.1 would boot the worst Trinity we had in 30 seconds (v1.0 booted in 2 minutes)
  • My preferred settings for Trinity were: D: 10cm IPEX to R4D4, C: 70cm 24AWG Wire , 10pf Cap Installed, 0ohm (Default)
  • My preferred settings for Corona were: D: 10cm IPEX to C5R11, C: Default wire, No Cap Installed, 10ohm

Remember that there may be fake DGX out there ? it goes without saying that they are cheap garbage and you should stay away. Every official Xecuter product has a serial code ? you should claim ownership of the code at

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